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Cinematic Compositions - tend to be structure/arrangement free to embellish the story on screen in real time.

Theme Song - written with the film in mind to the director's specifications and musical goals.

Guitar Driven
- based on any of the above situations, but with more focus on different styles of rock.

Cinematic Compositions
Theme Songs / Orchestral

"Gregorian Chant?"
Men's Choir/New Age/Ambient

"Fighter Jet Dog Fight"

"Cowboys and Indians" Orchestral/Western/Mexican/Sultry


"Family Fun"
Orchestral/Fun/Light Hearted

"Fat Guy Walking Down The Street" - Orchestral/Funny

"The Angry Piano" Piano/Orchestral/Dark

"Romance In The Orient" Ethnic/Classical/Oriental/Romantic

Guitar Driven

"Extreme Guitar Chase"
- Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Action/Tension

"Dark Guitar Groove"

"Incoming" Guitar/Rock/Ambient

"Stomp Riff Groove" Metal/Rock/Electronic

"Total Brutality"

"More Brutality" - Metal/Extreme/Groove

"Scab" Rock/Metal/Electronic

"Horror Spot" Hard Rock/Cinematic/Electronic
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